Patient Stories & Testimonials

The care I received when I was admitted to Healthy Hospital with a life-threatening condition was exceptional. All the nurses, doctors and caseworkers kept me informed and helped ease my fears.

Mary C., Muncy


When I was diagnosed with cancer I was petrified, but Healthy Hospital Cancer Center developed a personalized care plan that helped me take it one step at a time. Right away they set me up with a counselor and cancer support group that helped answer my questions and calm me down. The oncologists and nurses helped me understand every treatment and procedure. Now, I'm in remission and back to my busy life! I couldn't be more pleased with the care I received.

MARTHA P., Lewisburg

Dr. Jones has been one of the best family physicians we've ever had. He goes above and beyond to make sure our family is healthy and up to date on all our medical records.

David T., Williamsport